Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Art or Mistake ?

Here is your My World image.

Well is it Art or Mistake ?

You can decide the correct answer.

To me it was a big mistake. The modern camera and auto focus.
The story goes like this : On my camera I separate the shutter button from the auto focus controls so the a press of the AF button on the back of the camera will do the focus. So I decide on the composition, select my point of focus then move the camera into the final position and lock down the tripod controls. Simple right ? Now all I have to do is press the shutter button to take the photo.

Not for the 10 or so images, one of which is above. What happened here was the the camera's controls were put back into default mode so to speak. Shutter button does exposure and focus. In the image above I focused on the wonderful lights on the sea front amusement in Bundoran and then composed the scene. When I pressed the shutter button the camera went hunting for a focus point some were in the sky and gave up by the look of things. Now I have 10 image with out of focus lights from Bundoran.

The lesson to learn for this wonderful piece of 'Art' is : Always change your camera back to YOUR default setting. In my case I did not change my camera back to what I would call Landscape Mode as I am a landscape photographer. The camera ( Canon 5D )was used for something else before I went away on this trip and I did not change it back again.

In my defence : it was very late after a long day, very dark down on the beach. I don't like changing lens near sand. The image does not work that well in b&W anyway etc............
That's why I love the Canon Eos 1D series cameras so much as you can set all the modes up a specific way and save that in your My Menu Settings. I have Sports, Wildlife and Landscape saved here so with the press of one button the camera is set up ready for action. And that's not the best part. You can save these setting onto a CF card and load them into another camera.

That's My World for today.


  1. Thats the thing with photos you can never really be sure just what your going to get when you press the shutter. Much less so now days when the digitals give you an instant preview. It is a kind of art, just different.

  2. I agree, it is a kind of art -- just different! And I've always been into "different"!

  3. The greatest art usually comes from the smallest mistakes. From things that were not meant to be done that way. I like to think so.

  4. Mistake or art, I have to say that a lot of art is beyond me. The situation you had is one reason why I love traditional cameras, although I use digital a lot.

  5. Thanks for the good advice, those of us who are no pro's can use all the halp we can get!

  6. Yes I know that problem! Even with a point and shoot camera such things happen! Never mind, next time better!

  7. So it became an arty mistake. Lesson learned.

  8. Doesn't quite reach the art level IMHO. Happens to me all the time. I've learned to frequently check my camera during shoots as quite often I'll find I've somehow changed the ISO to something ridiculous, switched focus to servo, shooting at 1/20 sec hand held, and so on.