Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Castlelough Bay

This image was taken while I was down in Killarney, Co Kerry. At the back of The Lake Hotel is a walk way out to a castle. This location is called Castlelough Bay on Lough Leane. The sun was very bright and high in the sky. With no Grad filters with me at I had to try and hide the sun. Lucky for me the tree branchs did the trick and also added a nice frame to the image. The mountains you see the the background are called Purple Mountain and Tomies Mountain. I don't clone anything out of my images as I don't agree with it, but in this case I might clone out the branch in the lower left corner because...... What do you think ?


  1. I guess we all view something a bit different. That's the beauty in the art of photography. My eyes are drawn to the point in the bay. The point framed by the branch on the right that point us in the direction of said point. The leftmost branch merely frames in this point as an edge to keep us from wandering to the left.

    Well, that's from my perspective anyhow. Also, not that I'm against photo manipulation, sometimes the natural world is more perfect than we desire it to be otherwise.

    Thank you, I'm still learning this art.

  2. Yes Dusty Lens, that's the beauty of Art.
    Your perspective is as valid as anybody else even if as you said "I'm still learning".
    Your comments are spot on with the framing of the branches in this image as that the idea in the image. It's just small semi-circle branch in the lower left corner that I am talking about and maybe a bit of burning in will solve the problem as I see it.