Sunday, 6 July 2008

View from Croagh Patrick

On one of the days while in Westport we climbed Croagh Patrick. What a climb that was and worth the effort to get to the top when you see the wonderfull views. As this was a clear day with just a handfull of clouds the views were amazing. As you can see from the image above we were level with the clouds at times which made for interesting images. I have a couple of images with no clouds in them but I think this one works better as it gives you a kind of scale to the height of the mountain and the view below. It was hard work to bring the camera gear and tripod up the mountain but came in very handy. I dont think I would have got a sharp image as it was windy but I was breathing very heavy ( not very fit ). But most of all the tripod was put to good use as an aid so I did not fall or slide on the way back down.