Monday, 25 February 2008

Linux and Photography

I came across a website or another blog by Joel Cornuz, who lives in Geneva, Switzerland.
This blog is all about digital photography on Linux. As I use Linux myself everyday for the past 10 year now and started out my RAW processing using Bibble Pro on Linux I wanted to share this blog with you so that you could pick up some useful info for yourself.

Linux Photography (

I think it's better if I let Joel explain himself :

Hi there.

So here we go, yet another blog…

The goal for this thing is to share bits and pieces of experience about digital photography on Linux. I have been a keen photographer for 6 good years now, starting with film and now using digital. You can see my pictures there:

I happen to be also a fan of Linux (in its Ubuntu flavor these days) and I have had sometimes quite a bit of a hard time to reconcile Linux and Photography. So I am starting this blog with the hope to help some folks not losing as much time as me finding the right “trick”.

What you will find here:

  • tutorials (color management on Linux springs to mind)
  • software reviews (well, let’s say, “my opinion on some software”)
  • workflow stuff (making the most of your raw files without loosing your hair)
  • little bash scripts (that make life easier)

Blogosphere, here we go !