Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Computer OS and Software

I run a Windows Free Zone here.
I have been using an operating system called Linux for many years now. It's free, that right free as in it cost's you nothing. Back in 2000 I had a windows computer using Photoshop only. It was not hooked up to the internet or networked because of all the virus out there. In all my years of using Linux a have had not one virus, system failure. The only problem with Linux at the time was that I had no complete colour management system is place. So I changed over to the Mac computer system and had to buy all new programs but it was the best and only move forward for my photography. I am now on my third Mac and again no failures bar a funny hard drive which was replaced and all data, programs safely restored. I still use the Linux box for my emails, internet access and uploading images to my site.

The reason I wanted to share this with you was of a software problem I was having.
As you know if you have been reading this Blog, I have started to shoot sports photography for Barry Cronin and the Meath Post newspaper. With up to 5 different games to cover over the weekend there is a lot of images to go through. I also wanted to keep this separate form my Black & White Landscape work. I use Lightroom for this on the Mac. I started to look around for a program to control the images add comments and sort them. I came across iMedia Pro. A 21 day trail version was use in the testing and worked very good. However I came across a program on Linux called DigiKam with I forgot all about.
This program comes free with the OpenSuSe OS and once again is Free. It does all the things I wish for and also has an edit functions built in so that I can crop and colour correct etc... all the images. The other benefit is had I was using Linux to ftp the images to Barry's servers. Now everything is done on one machine which saves me time and money.

Happy day's

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